Company Profile

White Gate Consulting Pte Ltd. Is a Singapore based consulting company which focuses on software consulting mainly for Financial Service Industry (FSI).


Our Team

We have drawn from the best in class and our team will continue to grow with the business to allow us to build out in our chosen fields


Ashish Rawal


20 years SAP Accenture  Insead Certified Digital Strategist

Financial Services professional who manages global large and complex transformations.


Tony Mitchell


Insurance professional with 30 years of experience​ including multinational broking firms, MGA, Consulting and Digital Insurance Platform.


Mike Gourlay

Insurance Advisory Board

Chairman QBE Asia, formerly CEO MSIG Singapore

Industry ambassador, has sponsored highly complex and large-scale digital transformations


Arthur Bastings

Fintech Advisory Board

Founder – Bastings Collectives, xCEO Discovery Channel

Influential global leader. He has vast experience in Fintech, Telecom and Media.



Our global consulting workforce and vast partner network are aligned to ensure that our commercial models are in line with our customers’ business outcomes. This allows us to work together seamlessly to achieve successful transformation experience,

This is what we achieved with our customers across the globe.



With over 100 years of experience in successfully leading global transformations, we have a proven track record of success. Our team of experts has worked with a wide range of organizations, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, to help them achieve their goals. We are backed by rock-solid industry advisory, which ensures that we are always up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices.

Delivery differentiation

Delivery differentiation

Package delivery models can be designed to ensure value for life from implementation to support and innovation. This means that the model should be designed to meet the needs of customers, be sustainable, and be adaptable to change.

Here are some key considerations for designing a package delivery model that ensures value for life:

  • Customer needs: The model is designed to meet the needs of customers. This includes factors such as speed, accuracy, and cost.
  • Sustainability: Sustainable models from an environmental and economic perspective. This means using efficient vehicles and processes, and minimizing waste.
  • Innovation: The model is adaptable to change. This means being able to respond to changes in customer needs, technology, and regulations.

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Mission & Vision

Our Mission


“White” embodies honesty, trustworthiness, and reliability. “Gate” serves as a metaphor for access and opportunity. In these unprecedented times, businesses are constantly pursuing digital transformations but often struggle to achieve desired business outcomes. White Gate Consulting, true to its name, harnesses the expertise of global professionals and employs an outcome-based approach to deliver business results with complete trustworthiness and excellence.

We are a recently founded practice with leading insurance and technology professionals. We focus on the insurance and banking space and will demystify and deliver, providing highly competitive value, on all aspects of your digital journey regardless of where you are on that road. Our focus is to, facilitate your top and bottom-line growth in the most expedient, efficient and clear manner opening up all business channels and using strategic technology enablement to deliver increasing revenue alongside a significant reduction in operational costs.



White Gate Consulting will continue to invest in our resource as well as building more strategic partnerships with best of breed service and product providers who will work with us to deliver seamless and bespoke solutions to the Financial Services Industry.

Our aim is to remove and avoid all pain points to ensure you have totally appropriate digital assets for today and tomorrow wherever your business is headed.

Business Value for your company

Improved Efficiency and Cost Savings: Reduce manual efforts, optimize resources, and free up time for innovation.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Allow your customers to interact with you in all aspects of your relationship with them in the most enjoyable, effortless and professional way.

Accelerated Financial Close Cycle: Gain the advantage of timely financial reporting and agile decision-making.

Enhanced Accuracy and Data Integrity: Empower your strategies with dependable financial insights.

Let’s start with an introductory discussion with Whitegate Consulting so we can understand your current systems and business environment. Through this understanding we will be able to help transform your technology challenges into opportunities and ultimately into success.

Ready to embrace the future? Contact us today to embark on a transformational partnership.

Our Commitment

We commit to provide you with the most excellent and appropriate digital enhancements to your business drawing on our deep and practical experience gained in the financial services industry over many years.

We will dedicate ourselves to completely understanding your business and it’s nuances to ensure that only individual and wholly appropriate solutions are provided.

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