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Effective CRM systems can enhance the sales lifecycle, centralize marketing and analytics, and foster a 360-degree view of a customer, to drive process improvements & insights

Quick Product Launch

To stay competitive, insurance products must swiftly adapt to remain relevant to evolving market needs, distribution channels, and affinity channels.

Distribution Channels & Embedded Insurance

Collaborative approaches, along with the need to integrate insurers, brokers, affinity, and other distribution channels, should be enabled through modern architecture, addressing time and cost challenges.

Straight through processing

From quote and policy issuance to claims, re-insurance, and commission distributions, achieving the highest level of integrity and granularity in final financial reports is essential for ensuring both speed and data integrity in seamless backend operations.

Customer & Broker Portals

User experience is paramount for effectively engaging customers and partners. Portals with modern UI/UX and dashboards can enhance the overall client and partner experience.

Financial Integrity

Modern architecture, by design, maintains transactional and master data as a single source of truth, facilitating real-time dashboards and reconciled financial reporting.

Smart Claims & Fraud Detections

The journey from claims submission to disbursement establishes a long-term relationship with the customer. With modern technology, it not only enhances the overall experience but also reduces fraudulent leakages.

Digital Strategy & Implementation & Change Management

While there are significant innovations in the insurance and banking sectors, many transformations fail due to unsuccessful strategy execution and an inexperienced consulting workforce. It is crucial that skills contribute to the journey with 100% adoption and success.

White Gate Partners with Globally leading platforms for Core Insurance Modernization

Elevating Insurance Operations: The Future Unleashed

White gate Consulting introduces a paradigm-shifting solution for the insurance industry: Core Modernization. This transformational service redefines the landscape of traditional monolithic core systems, offering an unprecedented blend of efficiency, innovation, and customer-centricity.


Our Distinctive Edge:

Specialized Insight: Benefit from White Gate Consulting’s industry acumen complemented by Industry leading platforms to deliver tailored excellence to insurers, brokers and MGA’s.

Architectural Evolution: White Gate & Its Leading technology partners revolutionizes systems, ushering in a dynamic multi-tier architecture.

Seamlessly integrate user apps, a scalable Middle Office, and robust Systems of Record.

Swift Market Entry: With a 5X accelerated time-to-market, we enable you to launch products quicker than ever. Our ready API connectivity sets the stage for unparalleled agility.

Unlocking Transformation:

API-Powered Ecosystem: Embrace the future with an open API-enabled distributed architecture.

Seamlessly bridge internal and external ecosystems, ensuring optimal connectivity.

Optimized Efficiency: Reimagine productivity with dynamic case management, formulas, rules, and workflows, driving efficiency gains of up to 50%.

End-to-End Excellence: Seamlessly navigate the policy lifecycle, from new business to claims, underwriting, and beyond, for an unmatched operational spectrum.

Expedited Product Launch: Empower your business with a rapid product launch timeline, measured in weeks rather than traditional months.

Quick Outcomes

Quick Product Launch via 3000+ product library.

Quick adoption to distribution channels including affinity partnerships.

New revenue growth – management and technology consulting.

Flexible adoption models from core PAS, to middleware with a target to swift market penetration.

Embedded Insurance, AI powered Low-Code / No Code.

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